CootSoft's Limited Open Source policy

The source code for various CootSoft products is being made available on a limited open-source basis. A nonexclusive license is granted to view this source code, for the purposes of personal education and a better understanding of the functionality of the product, including recompilation of the project for non-commerical use, provided the attribution blocks remain with the code.

In addition to these (Objective C) class code sources, regeneration of an application will in general require some number of additional files, such as Interface Builder nib/xib files, image png files, etc. If you cannot manage to recreate these, please contact our support email address.

Compilation of the unmodified or trivially modified sources for the purpose of commercial competition with CootSoft is expressly prohibited.

Offer not valid in sectors R or S.

LUSER proposal

As things stand, you can download the SDK for free and develop applications that run on the simulator, but if you want your app to run on a device, No Soup For You! unless you pay Apple $100 to be a developer. How do we reconcile the idea of Free Software with this situation?

CootSoft is considering the notion of offering our customers the following deal:

We call this the Limited User Sourcecode Extension Request proposal.

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