Future development of the ChopinLiszt application

I originally wrote this program for my own personal use, and I have been using it for personal shopping since February 2009. The original design had four modes, with the additional mode being an archive mode, where items could be preserved but not displayed in the stocktaking list. The idea was to preserve metadata for items that are only occasionally used. There were also two location fields in each item, one for the location in the store, the other for the location in the stockroom. There was a selector for the sort order of items, items could be sorted by stockroom order, shopping order, alphabetical order, or a manually-specfied order manipulated by the built-in reordering mechanism. But the version I actually implemented was a minimal subset, preserving only the store location, as passive metadata.

It is expected that future enhancements will be driven by customer input.

Everybody I've talked to has had suggestions for how to extend this application.

Current list of fixes for the next version

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